Bespoke Wine Cellars: Entertaining in Style

Always wanted your own wine cellar? Now’s the time to design the right cellar storage for your favourite wines to care properly for your investments. Architect Richard Holden provides a how-to guide below.

With the season of entertaining upon us, we’re reminded of some recent requests to install wine cellars for clients – and the fantastic end results. If you’re interested in a bespoke wine cellar for your collection of vintages – whether they’re in it for the long-term or just pausing in preparation for that special dinner party or big event you’re hosting – here’s some inspiration and a few practical considerations.

Beyond the design considerations, at the most practical level it all comes down to temperature control.

  • To keep your wine in its best condition, it needs to be stored in a cool, dark room.
  • For optimum conditions, you need to ensure there are no heating pipes running through the space, or heat-producing lights to alter the base temperature.
  • The cellar or space should be sealed off from the rest of house to create a constant temperature of 12–14°C.

Oaklawn Lodge: This project included room for a tasting table and custom-designed metal racking to fit an octagonal cellar.

  • You may have a preference, but what material you choose can be anything that will properly store the wine. Traditionally, stone crates or metal racks are used. At home, my own cellar crates are created from paving slabs set between brick walls.
  • Wood cabinetry with low-temperature lighting creates polished, contemporary housing: a consideration if you are storing your wine in high-visibility areas of your home (such as in an under-stair nook or open kitchen).
  • Hire a professional joiner such as RTA Joinery – members of the British Woodworking Federation – for a high-quality finish in line with current regulations.

64 Murray Rd: Wine chiller/fridge under the stairs. Joinery completed by RTA.

So whether you’d like a compact chiller to compliment your home or a spacious cellar for a vast and varied collection, contact us for more information about designing a bespoke wine cellar as part of your home renovation project.

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